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Home Construction Mortgages Made Easy in the GTA and across Ontario!

A home construction mortgage in Ontario is generally an all encompassing construction loan. If you want to build a custom home or vacation property, I can help you out.

Qualified Ontario borrowers can access Conventional and CMHC/Genworth insured mortgage financing up to 95% of final completion (market value). When you qualify, you can secure financing for an acquisition, construction, and a term mortgage (known as exit financing) all at once. From the building process through the term, a construction mortgage rates carries top interest rates and interest-only payments. A construction mortgage is specifically intended to finance the construction of a custom home or vacation property. If you have more questions, Im definitely here to help.

  • A builder who owns a lot and is looking to build it on spec
  • A land owner who wants to build a property to sell OR keep for personal use
  • A builder who builds for end users and requires construction financing
  • An investor who utilizes a builder to build on land you own OR have purchased to sell or keep for personal use
  • A property owner who would like to utilize existing real estate equity to acquire and build another property
  • A builder, end user or investor who is looking for a bridge loan to advance construction to the next stage OR complete construction
  • A builder, end user or investor who wants to purchase a property and requires financing to build it

If your bank is not providing the help you deserve with new home construction then let me help find you a construction mortgage that will suit your exact needs.

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