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Vacation or Second Home Mortgages in Toronto, the GTA and across Ontario Made Easy

Vacation or Second Home Mortgages Made Easy.

Getting a mortgage for a vacation home or second home has some hurdles but we are here to help.

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Looking to purchase a vacation home, cottage or a second property in Ontario? We can definitely help you out.

Thinking about a vacation spot or a second home? We have the perfect mortgage plan tailored for you. We specialize in vacation or second home mortgages for people in the GTA, Toronto, York Region, Vaughan, King, Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Aurora, Stouffville, East Gwillimbury, Georgina and across Ontario.

As life continues its pace and your family's needs evolve, so does the demand for more space or a different environment. Whether it's a residence closer to your job to minimize commute times, or a serene lakeside house for a refreshing change, finding the right mortgage with an excellent lending rate can be the key to making your aspirations come true. We have a deep understanding of the necessary mortgage requirements in Ontario and are here to provide accurate advice.

With the changing rules and more stringent standards for owning an additional home or vacation property, navigating these mortgages can be somewhat complex at times, especially for properties with limited facilities or access. Yet, it's essential to know that a favorable solution or an attractive rate is still within reach.

Some lenders present high-ratio mortgage options requiring as little as a 5% down payment, depending on the property that's caught your attention. In other cases, a more substantial down payment, even beyond 20%, might be required based on the property's intent, characteristics, and accessibility throughout the year. Refinancing your current residence to include a new property in your mortgage is also an option worth exploring.

Please Do Note: Homes with only seasonal availability that aren't equipped for winter or lack all-year plumbing might face additional constraints.

Secondary residences can be both bought and refinanced, while holiday homes are up for purchase alone. We're here to evaluate your circumstances and present clear, factual insights to guide you through the process, enabling informed decisions.

I can help answer any questions that you might have and look forward to talking with you.

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